the most influential musician of all time

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well, in my world at least.

i know i’ve mentioned him before, but he has just released a new cd (i still write “album” instead of “cd.” i’m a child of the 80s, what can i say?), so he’s due more accolades from me. because he’s not going to make “the today show” and “the view” rounds promoting his new cd. he’s just not that type. so for all three of you who read my blog, take it from me: you’re going to want to buy his latest cd.

martin sexton can sing. he can write. he can sing back-up. he can do it all. but what he does best is perform in front of a live audience.  i’ve seen him live twice. once at a free outdoor concert at the andy warhol museum in pittsburgh whilst he and other artists (kim richey, for one) taped shows for the world cafe inside for WYEP members. this is where i was introduced to his music.

i have his music and i love listening to them (usually when i’m driving alone so i can turn it up really loud…the boys don’t appreciate the finer points of martin just yet), but his live performances are perfection.

you might be thinking that i’m using a lot of hyperboles in my descriptions. to me, they’re dead-on. the man is the perfect singer-songwriter.

go here for a great little clip of “the making of” his latest single, “happy.” it’s one of those songs you listen to in the spring, when the world holds promise again of warmth and sunshine; when you’re driving with the sun beating down on your arms and you could care less about not having any sunscreen on (because it’s only april and you start to freak out about that around may 4); when an ice cold beer replaces your favorite glass of red wine. “happy” makes you just that.

i can’t wait to hear what kenny has to say about this entry since he’s not the biggest martin fan at all. remember, we have fairly different views on what is good music.