4 november 2007: the bridge

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kenny has been very busy over the past few months preparing for something that began last night, and that we hope continues and grows on into the future.

with the help of friends and other church members, we started a saturday evening service for church members and anyone outside the church who wants to check it out to worship. the service is based on “an order of worship for the evening” so communion is not included. however, the service concludes with a free meal for everyone, so communion happens, just not Holy Communion.

we honestly had no idea if anyone would come, but we were pleasantly surprised to see the faithful worshipers from a typical sunday morning service come, and a few others.

i can’t describe the service any better than kenny already has at the service’s web site. please check it out. and if you’re local, come visit! and if you think of it, keep this service in your prayers.

i leave you with an image of my favorite poster we’ve hung up in stores in the area.