and the week goes on and on and on…

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we’ve been under a thick layer of snow since monday. i know that “thick” is relative as new england is under feet and we’re under mere inches. but if i can’t see the grass, then it doesn’t matter how many inches or feet is there: snow is snow is snow, and it means boots and gloves and hats and heavy coats that make strapping three boys into three carseats difficult and it also means the endless puddles of melted snow after a five second walk from the car. oops, sorry, i’m supposed to be enjoying the snow as much as the boys, right?

here are some pictures from last week – before the snow hit, and when the temperatures were a bit higher. a christmas gift for outside play:

on the warmer of the days (no coats!), adam really wanted the sled to work. he’s actually trying really hard to pull him in the grass:

have i mentioned that we’re really trying to potty-train sawyer? i know you’re probably thinking it’s already too late, but sawyer is a boy in his own time. i think he’s portraying the typical potty-training hassles that parents have, but after a dream training rowan in a day with NO accidents, sawyer is throwing us for a loop. he’s ready, it’s just not as easy for him to grasp so quickly. so we’re taking it in his own time, but it’s harder for me to accept that it’s not a problem. it’s hard for me not to get angry when there’s an accident, but we try. we really do! if anyone has some advice or good books or whatever, PLEASE send suggestions our way PRONTO!

we are implementing the reward system with him. he loves stickers, so here he is proudly displaying his “i peed on the potty!” sticker this morning:

yes, it’s an american flag. what a little patriotic boy he is!
he gave me a “girl” sticker. because i’m a girl. it’s my bindie. my potty-training bindie. you can’t really see it, but it’s a sunburst. pink at that!

i’m baking this afternoon. it’s how i cope with the cold. that and hot chocolate and tea. or a glass of port. 🙂