lent 1

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Glory be to Jesus,

who in bitter pains

poured for me the life blood

from his sacred veins!

it seems fitting that the same wood that was adorned in greens and beads, ornaments and lights at the celebration of His birth be reused to commemorate the days and weeks leading up to His death (and resurrection!).

the christmas tree was saved, exposed to the elements of snow and ice over the past several weeks and cut this weekend; formed into a cross and carved to hold seven candles, a rustic light, to count down to The Triumph Over Death; the reason we gather each week to worship.

as a family, we count the weeks to Christmas through the Advent Wreath. i love what i found in the “family lenten activities” research i did in the previous weeks in this idea: reusing the trunk of your christmas tree and forming it to create your own “lenten wreath” (or lenten cross).

as a family, we will light one of the purple candles each sunday in lent, and on easter sunday, replace the burnt-down, broken purple candles with pure, new white ones: a (re)new(ed) creation!