baby it’s COLD outside…and menu planning

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our kettle is getting a major workout these days. i’m glad that my boys enjoy a good cup of tea just as much as a good cup of hot chocolate. of course, they drink it “muddy” like their momma.

i’ve been baking a few loaves of whole wheat bread these weeks as we have been eating a lot of buttered toast with our cups/mug of tea. so our oven is getting just as big a workout. i’m SO THANKFUL for a good, working stove/oven during these coldest days of the year.

this week’s menu…

monday: coconut chicken curry over rice, samosas (the samosas are from the indian grocer across from kenny’s office in oakland)

tuesday: crockpot beef lasagna, homemade breadsticks, salad

wednesday: sweet and sour meatballs over rice, steamed edameme

thursday: leftovers

friday: dinner group…make appetizer large enough to serve 10 adults, 9 children (suggestions anyone? anyone?)

saturday: clean out the fridge/leftovers

sunday: pork roast with sour kraut, macintosh applesauce, mashed potatoes