facebook as guilty conscience

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facebook used to be such a nice place to reconnect, converse, catch-up, and view pictures of your friends’  kids, vacations, weddings, and pets. i am still so glad to be a part of facebook and connected to so many of my friends and family in this way.

however…there is a social networking trend that is rather bothersome to me.  how many of you have been shamed by facebook recently? have you felt bad that you hadn’t updated your status with the latest cancer statistic, color of your bra, or “i am not ashamed of jesus” claim? have you not joined the case to make your state the first state to reach 1 million fans? have you not “joined the million not afraid to save the rainforest” cause yet?

let’s say your best-friend-from-grade school and your brother in law (aka BIL) share a birthday. you wish your best-friend-from-grade school happy birthday (even though you haven’t seen her for 26 years) but you are interupted by The Boss, or The Baby or The Weather and forgot to wish your dear brother in law (BIL) a happy birthday.  because of the way facebook works, the inviters of these causes, birthday wishes, awareness spreaders will THINK that you forgot to wish them a happy birthday, are ashamed of jesus, and don’t care one lick about spreading cancer awareness.

i have been shamed, but refuse to be ashamed anymore! facebook friends and family…i do care about finding a cure for cancer. i love jesus more than anyone,  and i’m not ashamed to tell you that i, too, am an environmentalist conservative.

i love a good political, social-justice, or religious conversation.

but i will not join your cause (because i have no idea what that actually means on facebook), i probably will forget to wish you a happy birthday and please just let me update my status with things like my boys’ funny sayings or the cookie i’m baking at the moment.

i really am a nice person inside.