dr. suess and our first week in Lent

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7 Quick takes: The Lent 1 edition

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1. It was the first full Week of Lent. I can’t say as our family “gave anything up” (although I’m certainly a proponent for doing so during Lent especially), but we are spending more time together in the evenings. We always have the evenings as a family, but our evening time is more intentional during this Lent. Here’s how:

2. For Advent, Kenny made short lessons that were appropriate for each week in Advent. He’s done the same for Lent and so we have now have little pre-school appropriate Lenten family devotions to add to our Advent devotions. I love them…the boys have fun, and they’re learning! mostly because it’s a quick time (5-10 minutes, max) and they get to color (and light candles)!

3. Our two cashmere goats are shedding like crazy. Dune, the sandy colored one is the nicer of the two, and I’ve managed to pull a few of her “tufts” during barn chores. I’m hoping she is able to keep most of her coat until it starts to warm up. I’m excited to start spinning what I’ve got.

4. Speaking of spinning, we’re hopefully getting a shearer in here next month. And hopefully we’ll be getting lambs from at least two (if not three) of our ewes in April. Please pray with us for April deliveries. We have a homeschooling convention that we REALLY want to attend the first weekend in May, and we won’t be able to if we still have pregnant ewes (we’re fairly certain, based on the dates that Mr. SmoothMan was here that they’ll deliver mid-April).

5. Next week is Dr. Suess’ birthday! I remember celebrating his life my first semester of college when he died by writing Suessian poems on the sidewalks of our campus. A friend of mine and I are getting together and celebrating with our kids. Green eggs, read-alouds of his stories, maybe we’ll paint stars on our bellies, just like Sneetches!

6. I can’t wait for our St. Patrick’s Day feast of (my friend Amy’s recipe for) Boiled Corned Beef, Colcannon, Irish Soda Bread, and Whiskey Cake. Fortunately, we share this meal with friends and they’re bringing a tossed salad with them to balance all the carb-heavy Irish delights. Last year’s festivities went well into the following morning. I hope to be in bed by 10:00 pm this year.

7. We’re planning a beach vacation with friends. I can hear the waves now….oh wait. That’s the howling February wind outside. My bad.