it’s RAINING (hooray! it’s not SNOWING!)

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1. no, i didn’t post a Lent 3 post on Sunday. we were busy celebrating the girly birthdays in my family (mom and me). it was a HUGE feast day…feast weekend, and i’m still trying to get un-full from last weekend’s eating festivities.

2. and yes, i didn’t post a menu plan. i apologize. i did plan, and we had chicken parmesan, sweet and sour meatballs, beef-in-a leaf, spaghetti and meatballs with breadsticks, and roasted chicken with masehd potates. we ALMOST grilled last night for dinner, but the deck needs more cleaning up attention before we are able to truly enjoy it.

3. this week i reigstered for CHAP, our state’s big homeschool covention. although it’s run by the large christian homeschooling organization in PA, i recommend it for anyone looking for information on homeschooling. it’s inspiring and encouraging. kenny and i look forward to it every year and can’t imagine a year without it.

4. still looking to buy a camera. still haven’t found what i’m looking for.

5. the snow is melting quickly and our animals are finding new parts of the pasture. i think they’re getting cabin fever as well as tempers are flaring out there between the sheep and the goats. we’re down to 5 chickens, and we opened their coop up today. they need the fresh air as much as the rest of us. i guess i should start checking for eggs again (the older the hen, the less they lay, especially in the winter, so we’re not expecting much this spring. we’re still considering getting new chicks and retiring these ones to our freezer).

6. our bees didn’t survive the winter. we’re reassessing our beekeeping for this next year. there’s a BIG learning curve in beekeeping we’re finding (and so many different types of advice – for feeding, treating for mites, keeping healthy, surviving the winter…oen person’as advice might kill your bees, but keep another hive healthy and strong. it’s a strange world…yet so fascinating!)

7. ona recommendation from a friend, we’re reading aloud Cressida Cowell’s “How to Train Your Dragon.” the boys are enjoying it…i’m not. it’s a hard book to read out loud (you’d think that someone with an acting background would find this fun. i guess i just don’t like pretending to be a viking). we also see that it’s coming out in movie form at the end of the month.  i don’t know about your kids, but mine are still quite sensitive and any mention of “killing” or “ripping apart body parts.” even when referring to dragons it’s a bit much. i’m skipping over some parts as i read aloud. the story is fun, though…it’s made for some fun imaginative play with all of their “animal-star wars-knights” action figures/toys.