week in review: VBS and ichiban

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this past week, the boys spent their mornings at the little local church doing vacation bible school (VBS). it was the first year that adam was old enough to join them and the first time EVER that i had a whole week of three hours of kid-free time.

i spent the entire three hours wondering if i would get a call from the teacher asking me to come pick someone up…or worrying that they weren’t having enough fun (although i KNEW they were having a blast as they always do at this particular church’s bible school!). such is the fate of a mother who doesn’t send her children to school, i guess. i have never gotten used to having them at a different location for that long.

the church is a smallish country church of the missionary alliance denomination but they use a poplular non-denomination bible school curriculum that all of you involved in a big church VBS are probably using: Group’s age-appropriate High Seas Adventure.

they do a great job with the fun activities and invites all families to participate in a closing friday afternoon picnic. last week, i heard “but sawyer, we learned about SHARING today in bible school, so you need to share that toy with me!”  yup.  AND…”mommy!  God’s word is TRUE!” at which point all three boys yelled as loudly as they could, “LET’S GO!!!!”  yes, bible school lingo was mighty strong around these parts last week.

one would think that having three hours to yourself in the morning would make for an easy peasy week. but actually i found the opposite to be true. by the time i picked up and brought the boys home, they were hungry, tired, and needed me to tell them how to have fun all afternoon. they’re usually very good about playing games and making up stories to play, but after being entertained all morning, they wanted me to continue their entertainment. fortunately this new behavior will be changed soon as they will wake up with no plans beginning tomorrow (monday!) and enjoy playing together once again.



kenny and i exchange babysitting with another family – friends of ours that we met through another church and our homeschooling circle. they have three kids as well, and so we sit their kids (for free!) once a month and they do the same for us (for free!). our first exchange was last weekend and kenny and i met friends of ours from church for sushi. this was my first sushi experience as i’m (A) not a fan of seafood at all and (B) afraid of raw meat of any form. but i’ve been willing for the longest time to give it a try as long as our first experience was with someone who knew what they were ordering.

we went to ichiban which is by far more popular for its hibachi steakhouse side than it is for its sushi bar (as was confirmed by it’s empty sushi bar tables and packed-out hibachi tables). we were encouraged to try the special sushi rolls of the day, and we were not disappointed. the rolls weren’t in the least bit fishy tasting (my biggest fear), not slimy at all (my second biggest fear) and quite flavorful if you used soy and wasabi. i am eager to go back to eat an entire meal of sushi rolls soon. the only downside to sushi is the price: i’m glad we had it on a night we weren’t also dropping $30-40 on babysitting! sushi was the only cuisine i have never given a try, so i’m now happy to say that i’ve pretty much tried each cuisine available to us in america (and enjoy pretty much all of them!).

next time we go back to ichiban, i do want to take the boy as i know they’ll find the hibachi chefs a hoot to watch (and they love noodles, edameme, and veggies!)