summer days: the deck

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the spring after we moved into this house, kenny was hankering for our next home improvement project (the first being to rip out our second floor bathroom and install a shower). i strongly urged that we needed a deck. there was a 3×8′ porch off of the back porch, but there wasn’t a nice place to sit and enjoy our back yard view. we’ve done several other room updates in the house since the deck project, but we still feel as though the deck is one of the best additions or changes that we’ve made since moving in.

this weekend, the deck was the one “room” where we spent the majority of the day. here was our saturday….

kayle, our outdoor cat, always joins kenny and i for the morning of cup coffee on the deck. she’s been a 100% outdoor cat for a full year now,a nd she never tries to get inside. we think she’s really enjoying her “retirement years” in the great outdoors. we see her in the morning when we feed her, and wake our senses with caffeine, and in the evening for her second feeding. the deck is the perfect location to greet the morning.

after a morning and lunch hour of sprinkler running, we spend some reading and playing time in the shade or sun. rowan looked up from their game during this time and said, “what a great family vacation day!” it felt like it as we relaxed, read, enjoyed the non-busy moment…a rare moment these days!

and what a perfect close to the perfect day! thai peanut skewers on the grill with fresh thai springrolls. we ate outside, of course.

it’s the perfect summer room, and i’m so thankful we have this space to enjoy!