school week 7, recap

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the leaves are so beautiful right now – we are definitely in peak season in western pennsylvania! the animals appreciate the cooler temperatures – what with all that wool on their backs and flies in their face all summer!

we took advantage of the sun yesterday and planted wheat!  the students who went on the field trip on tuesday were able to take home the wheat berries that we threshed from harvested stalks and after we were done with math, spelling, and history, we planted ours!

i almost forgot about planting it, but as the boys were journaling about the field trip tuesday night, adam and rowan both drew pictures of the weeding that they did on the field trip as being one of their favorite parts!  i made a mental note, so they weeded a small patch of our vegetable garden and we planted our berries for harvesting next year!

i have no idea if they’ll “take” but it was a fun “addendum” to to the field trip and now we have something to take care of throughout the fall!

history: we finally finished our section on christopher columbus in history and are now moving into jamestown focusing on pocohontas, john smith, and jon rolfe. after the jamestown colony study, we move into pilgrims at plymouth – my favorite part of early american history! it’s coinciding nicely with our co-op classes and field trips so far this year.

i love the literature approach to our history curriculum but i didn’t get the curriculum’s timeline because i wanted the boys to make their own. instead of looking at a picture on the wall, they color their own pictures of who we’ve studied, and add it to a generic timeline that i’ve hung in their playroom (our back porch). i think the process of doing it themselves is more interesting to them.

history class is my favorite class to teach!

bible class: we’ve been reading the joseph in egypt stories in our bible lessons this week. i can’t seem to read these stories without humming the andrew lloyd webber tunes. in fact, i can’t seem to call these stories anything BUT  “joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat” so i decided to introduce the boys to the musical via youtube. there is a great british school assembly version of it online that features joan collins and donny osmond. kenny found his cd of the show, and it’s all we’ve been listening to this week. adam walks around singing, “JACOB! jacob and sons….JACOB! jacob and sons….”   perhaps it’s cheating, but it’s made the bits in the stories more concrete in their memories. i love how musicals can do that. i have to admit the whole potiphar’s-wife-seducing-joseph has been a hard one to explain to the kids.  i’m finding that there is a lot in these early bible stories that’s hard for me to explain to them this young. i’m not sure what i’m going to do when it comes to david and bathsheba!

if there are any purists out there reading this, be assured that i read the stories to them twice through before introducing the musical.

this week’s meals…

Monday: chicken pot pie with cornbread (leftover chicken from cider-brined chicken from Sunday’s dinner)

Tuesday: kielbasa with pasta

Wednesday: pork chops, homemade saurkraut (homemade by our local farm stand), leftover butternut squash soup (from sunday’s dinner).

Thursday: pakistani kima with sweet potatoes and brown rice. (i substituted green beans for the peas, and sweet potatoes for the white potatoes, and added chick peas and beef broth as we had not tomatoes. it was a great version of this staple recipe we make a lot int he colder months!)

Friday: pizza night!  our sunday school is hosting a skating party this night – the boys can’t wait! we took them skating last week and they loved every minute of it!

i’m making these cookies today as i can’t seem to get enough pumpkin yet! 🙂 and while we’re at joy’s blog, wouldn’t love to make these?