kitchen sink beautification

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we’ve been under a thick, heavy blanket of snow since early last week. it’s thursday, and i haven’t left the house since last saturday. neither have the boys. the wind chill has been in the single digits, so sledding has kinda been out of the question, kenny has had horrible commutes to work which means i’m not driving anywhere! fortunately, we all like each other enough that we’re not sick of each other. 🙂 but i was getting a little tired of my surroundings. so….

i read a blog post sometime in the past few weeks of a kitchen sink makeover. i had energy from a great morning of adam reading new words, the boys doing a new math game, and my mom dropping off some yummy treats from trader joes (peppermint joe-joes! candy cane tea! peppermint bark!), and my dad arriving early enough to do the lunch time animal feeding that i cleared off my entire kitchen sink and window (does anyone NOT have a window above their kitchen sink?) and began the makeover.

the kitchen sink is the place where i spend the most time when i’m in the kitchen. and the kitchen is the room where i spend the most time during my waking hours, so why junk it up? why NOT clear away the junk and create a mood of calm, of peace, of pretty?

before: no inspiration! no love! no pretty!!!!

and after:

and here is what it looked like as i was preparing dinner as the evening blue-grey outside began to fall:

i cleared away everything – my mortar and pestles, the outdoor thermometer (which is still in the kitchen because i check the outside temperature on the hour: “16 degrees? yep – still too cold to go outside!”) and just brought in the simple, the seasonal, the symbolic.

you know what’s funny? i washed, dried and put away all the dishes after dinner last night because i didn’t want to mess up the kitchen sink view with dirty or drying pots and pans. it’s not only pretty, but it inspires me to keep working until the last bit of the day (i am not the biggest fan of post-dinner cleanup, but i also dread waking up to dirty dishes in the sink).

so…please join me! make your most visited area in the kitchen pretty!  spruce it up with candles, or glass bottles, or silk flowers – whatever you enjoy looking at.

and just enjoy the view….

(please let me know in the comments if you’ve done this, take pictures and blog about it yourself! don’t have a blog? then just send me pictures! i want to see any kitchen sink transformations that are happening!)