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it’s that time again…demolition and home improvement! we’ve redone many of the rooms in this house, and yet, there’s always more to do!  i remember walking into this house for the first time and seeing the potential. i knew that we’d be painting or redoing every single room in the house when we bought it…and we’re slowly but surely getting there!

the first floor laundry room/bathroom has old, cracked linoleum flooring that has been drenched in urine over and over again. i cannot get the stench out since it’s UNDER the linoleum. this is the most used bathroom, and three little boys have potty-trained in it. when the humidity rises, so does the stench. i apologize to anyone who has used this bathroom.

kenny took off work yesterday and we tore out the old, smelly wooden (mildewy? wormy? what makes old wood stink?) cupboards and linoleum-topped counter. here are some of the before pictures:

the cupboards are pure wood. but they’re really smelly. we think they’re from the kitchen. we’d keep them if they weren’t so sticky and smelly.

i will not miss the frilly wall paper trim. i can’t wait to get in there and paint!

large toilet will be gone, and that linoleum will not be missed. i’m thinking of going the Pergo route in here – easy clean up, no cracks for urine to hide…

one fun discovery…the fake wooden paneling came off in two big pieces -w e were afraid they glued it and would be hard to take off.

directly under the fake paneling was the home’s original wooden siding! we thought we were going to hang drywall, but i’m going to clean up this wall of siding and put a fresh coat of paint on it. this bathroom/laundry used to be the kitchen porch until they enclosed it, thus the wall of siding INSIDE the house.

old porch floor – in great shape, but i want NEW floors in this bathroom, so we’ll be covering it.

it always amazes me how much wood can fit into a small room. this is our wagon load, headed off to the burn pile.

stay tuned for more “after” pictures in the coming weeks…