running update: second 5K

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i had my third running race this weekend, my second 5K. (remember, the first race was a 4.1 mile obstacle course trail run that i ran with my friend courtney in 1.26 hours. that time doesn’t count!)

i wish i could say that i shaved even 30 seconds from my time. but i didn’t.
i wish i could say my inner voice that taunts me each time i start running was silenced. but she wasn’t.
i wish i could say that i embrace running up hills, but they’re still my worst running fear (well, that and falling down in front of everyone).

so two things i need to keep up with: running and squelching that inner voice. i’m so inspired by this blogger, who i really look up to in the running department, and who is running her first half marathon this weekend!  go kris!!

running notes: Butler YMCA Turkey Trot 5K: 34:43 (short, slight uphill at the start, then flat/downhill until 1.5 mile mark. uphill between 1.5 and 2 mile mark. flat on the return).

past running notes: Great Race 5K: 33:13 (mostly downhill and flat with one long very slight uphill part on the Blvd. of the Allies).

karen, and courtney (my trail run partner!) and me…2011 YMCA Turkey Trot