preparing for the preparation…

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i went grocery shopping this morning and was amazed at how crazy the store was. the balloon turkey decoration next to the lit christmas tree was slightly jarring, but maybe i’m just being persnickety.

i thought the grocery shopping craze happened the monday- wednesday before Thanksgiving, not two weeks before? i am vowing right now that i’m going to treat this coming weekend and week as normal, and not as crazy preparation for a fun Thanksgiving celebration. how about you?

we’ve been observing Advent in our home for the past decade. since our family was just the two of us, we’ve observed the quiet waiting of Advent, and breaking out in full Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve at 10:30 with the Holy Eucharist. i know the world wants Christmas to start on November 1st, but it’s not necessary, especially since you have a full 12 days of celebrating it through the end of December, into the New Year!

Advent starts directly following Thanksgiving. again, the world thinks you need to get the best deals on christmas gifts the day after Thanksgiving. but if gifts are not what christmas is about, then why get caught up in the sales and give real gifts this year, and prepare your home, your family, your hearts for the biggest birthday celebration of the year.

last year, i suggested starting simply.¬† and here is last year’s blog post on St. Nicholas Day ideas¬†(St. Nicholas Day is December 6th).¬†stretching the fun of the season by adding Advent into your family celebration is one way you can fight the Christmas craze.

so…perhaps you can start two weeks early for thanksgiving preparations AND advent, and ease into a lovely Advent, preparing for the joyful celebration of His birth.