her majesty

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no, this isn’t a post about the Queen and Her Jubilee celebrations this week in London…although i was quite impressed with the glorious pageantry that the royal family put on the river thames today.

i’m talking about our queen bee. i checked the third hive today and found larvae right away – they bees and the queen are doing their work, but i caught a rare glance of the actual queen today while checking the hives. fortunately kenny had his phone with him so we were able to get her on camera!  i’m sure you can find her by enlarging this photo – you might even be able to spot her without enlarging the photo. she’s the largest of the bees in the hive. also, the apiary marked her with a yellow dot on her back.

we witnessed her walking around and laying eggs in a few of the cells, and we were able to spot more eggs, larvae, and capped cells (which each hold larva-growing-into-a-bee at which point it busts out of the capped cell buzzing, “hello world! where do i start working?” bees are hard, hard workers. i love them).

your interesting honeybee fact of the day: the “average honey bee” will produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. to make one pound of honey it would take 556 workers and 2 million flowers. 50-100 flowers are pollinated during one collection trip. about one ounce of honey is all it takes to give the honey bee enough energy to fly around the world (although the farthest they usually fly away from their hive is six miles).