game night and chocolate-peanut butter

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i’ve already blogged about our fabulous day in the city last saturday, but i haven’t yet told you about the fun evening we had the night before.

the marquiss clan invited us over for dinner and game night friday night. we then spent the night since they’re only a few minutes from downtown where we could breakfast-and-museum on saturday.

after a fantastic grilled steak and veggie with salad dinner they served, we spent the evening watching a play that our kids performed, passed out cookies for their dessert and then put them all in bed so we could enjoy the grown-up dessert that i had prepared. it was a “pinterest dessert” full of chocolate peanut butter goodness. it was only a “grown up” dessert because there wasn’t enough to feed the kids. don’t worry – the cookies they all enjoyed were large and full of chocolate goodness, so they weren’t left out. completely. 🙂

i am not a chocolate PB expert like my husband is, so he’ll provide the “review” of this dessert. i made a chocolate peanut butter torte from this recipe. it was one of the more simple recipes i’ve tried, except for having to convert all of the ingredients from grams to AMERICAN-STANDARD (really now…why can’t the whole world have the same measuring system? what was up with the silly americans changing the perfectly fine metric system to american standard?).

an oreo cookie crust sits beneath a peanut butter filling, topped with a dark chocolate ganache. i found a separate no-fail ganache recipe that i will use forever (and ever, amen) for all of my chocolate-covered dessert recipes (buckeyes, chocolate-covered-strawberries, etc).

review: i thought it was super yummy. kenny, who loves nothing more than chocolate peanut butter for any dessert, liked it, but he would have preferred smooth peanut butter to the crunchy peanut butter that the recipe called for. perhaps it would have been more buckeye-like with smooth peanut butter.

definitely a keeper, especially for adult gatherings. but you might want to consider stearing away from the crunchy peanut butter for this recipe.

then we played games…

a few rounds of 7 Wonders (i’m slowly getting it!) and then a lightning round of The Amazing Labyrinth. a very late night, but a great night’s rest and perfect weather for our saturday outing. games and chocolate and friends…a fabulous weekend habit!