adam henry turns SEVEN!

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seven years ago, we had just moved into this house with more room than we would ever need (how could we possibly be bursting at the seams in this house now?) and seven acres of grass that needed to be cut. what were we thinking? especially with two boys ages two and one and me, nine months pregnant.

i married up. i married a man with extreme intelligence and talent. he was able to see past our here-and-now. we both saw potential in this home (me as a future bed-and-breakfast, and he saw it as our family home), but i could never see how we would actually fit into it.

now that our baby is turning 7 (today!), we have filled in this huge house, this huge yard with busy boys, lots of family and friend visits, a gentleman farm, and more memories over the past seven years than i can possibly remember.

adam, you were born on a cloudy, cool june 10th morning. Ben Roethlisberger had his motorcycle accident while we were in the hospital with you. daddy left a few hours after you were born to take your older brothers to the zoo and the morning rowan and sawyer came to visit you for the first time, sawyer tried to give you his balloon. he was very upset that you didn’t accept it. it only took a few weeks for sawyer to accept your presence in our family unit. and now he protects you fiercely, laughs at your jokes, and you two share a LEGO building bond that only brothers can. you look up to rowan, your oldest brother so much, and although the 3 years between you sometimes get in the way, you share frisbee games, bike riding, and minecraft playing like best friends. your party this year, is a minecraft theme. you and your brothers can’t get enough of this crazy game, and so, your friends will be treated to mining for gold and diamonds, all the while trying to stay away from those crazy creepers.

happy seventh birthday, our darling. as always, it’s an honor to be your momma and papa!