double digits, rowan tucker smith!

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our rowan, our firstborn, turns 10 tonight at 9:43pm. that means we’ve been parenting for 10 years (plus 9 months). that means he’ll probably be driving in 6 years. that means he’ll be a legal adult in 8 years.

rowan loves soccer, swimming and minecraft. he loves to read when he finds a series that he likes: his latest series that he inhaled were the Araminta Spookie books, and of course our family read-alouds, Harry Potter. he’s not a fan of Shakespeare (“he’s boring and writes terrible stories!”), but loves to be on stage. ┬áhis birthday cereal this year is Fruity Pebbles, and we’re celebrating by having a sleepover with the boys’ friend, Anthony.

happy birthday to the best firstborn son! you’re sweet disposition, knack for role playing and leader-personality continue to make us proud of you each day. we love you, and can’t wait to see what the next decade (and all future decades!) has in store for you!