get your Hygge on

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img_6752January and February are my least favorite months of the year.  After months of cozy evenings snuggled up with tea, hot chocolate, blankets, books, Christmas music, and movies…the cold air has turned bitter and there is nothing to look forward to but the warm sun that won’t return for at least another four months.

At least in our neck of the woods. This is the time of year that Kenny and I start talking about our garden.  What veggies and flowers we’ll be planting in what location of the yard. Kenny also starts looking into ordering packages of bees, and hey! what’s a few more chickens to add to our flock this spring?

“Hygge” (unfortunately pronounced hoo-gah) has blown up in popularity this year.  Everywhere you turn there are articles and books and people talking about Hygge – the art of keeping cozy during the cold, long winter.  It’s so easy to hygge in October, November, and December…the holiday atmosphere is ripe with cozy.  But in January and February, when the grey skies spit down ice, the wind is relentless, and the sun is nowhere to be seen…we’re dreaming of warmer climates and gardens growing under sunny skies, not wool socks and crackling fires.

But two (and most years three) months is a long time to dream of warm.  So on we hygge until the Ides of March are behind us.

I have never been one to get excited about Christmas decorations.  For our first Christmas, Kenny and I bought some ornaments at a local home store to put on a tree that we bought from the Boy Scouts in our neighborhood.  We bought wooden apples, pears, and red and gold garlands of beads. We received an advent wreath as a wedding gift that year, and that was the extent of our Christmas decorations. All of our decorations have always fit in two small plastic totes.

Until now. This year, I turned a corner.  Now, all of our decorations fit into 8 large totes and a few boxes that hold specialty items (I really did go a little crazy with the after-christmas sales!).  I think I’ll start decorating on November 1 this year. I wanted it to look like a Christmas dream in every room in our home.  I dreamed of lights and greenery on every mantel and window…candles and wreathes and more lights!   I started getting deals on Christmas decorations as Christmas approached, and I went crazy in the 75% off after-Christmas decorations sales.

I even bought a 7.5 foot artificial christmas tree.  It won’t be replacing our real tree that we cut down for the living room…it will be an additional tree for the dining room.  One to hold some new special ornaments. One day, I’ll get that frosted white christmas tree for the bedroom.  Or family room. Oh, the possibilities!

But that is still 11 months away, and we’ve got to hygge through the rest of this cold weather. So grab your favorite mug and fill it with whatever calms your soul.  Nestle into a new book, or movie with your favorite people or furry friend.  Invite friends to join you in your hygge and encourage each other in the knowledge that you will survive another winter. Because spring is coming.

Thank the Lord in heaven, spring is coming!