a list. because….writer’s block.

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Making : christmas ornaments.  i’m cross-stitching old-world santas for ornaments, beginning to gather material for a christmas tree quilt, and crocheting snowflakes. also, i’m pinning several projects for making cone-shaped christmas trees. and i’m already counting the days until the day after thanksgiving so i can begin decorating again. i think i have a problem.

Cooking : in my new Instant Pot. this week, i made an indian meal that actually tasted restaurant-worthy.  Butter Chicken (Kenny calls it Chicken Makhni) with rice and naan for the gluten-eaters.

Drinking : coffee now.  looking forward to some cab sauv later.  i’m so pretentious.

Reading : Right now, I’m reading Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel which is a fun and interesting sci-fi story that kind of feels like a beginner novel. The writing is young, but the story makes it really a fun read.  I guess I like sci-fi now.  I’m also reading Columbine by Dave Cullen which is bringing back so many memories from that day. Very good writing.

Wanting : to get through the winter.  I’m always DONE with the cold and snow (and this year…ice!) after christmas is over.  And I’m a summer girl, so this January-February is hard!!!

Deciding :  We are deciding if finishing the attic is in the cards this year.  We have a full attic that’s pretty empty (save for some bats!) that would make a great space for the boys.  They are growing out of their one room and they really need more space for themselves.

Listening : Still listening to christmas music.  I can’t shake the season this year!  But also, I’m listening for writing purposes.  We’re re-writing our A Christmas Carol script for next year’s production and I’m trying to find the perfect carols for specific parts in the story.

Buying : Right now, the only things I’m buying is groceries.  But Kenny is in the middle of researching four different scotches to purchase for his Burns Supper (which I hope to blog about in February). It’s a delicate decision.

Watching : Right now, we’re four episodes from the end of The Crown which is fantastic.   I’m looking forward to watching Victoria and finally getting to the latest season of Sherlock.

Marvelling : At Kenny’s ability to sketch and paint after years and years of not doing it.  And never having a lesson in sketching or painting.

Cringing : Video games.  The boys love to play them: together, or with friends, and especially when Kenny plays with them (very rare). They like Halo and I’m trying to be realistic about it (“Mom, we’re killing aliens, not people!”), but I cringe.  The video game balance is a true struggle.

Needing : To clean up the kitchen.

Questioning : How long we’ll have livestock.  I think 8 years is long enough.

Smelling : Essential Oils.  They’re my favorite.

Wearing : Anything warm. It’s been hard leaving the house when I don’t really have to when the temps are so low  Thank goodness for a week in the 40s and 50s this week!

Selling : I have some curriculum for sale.  And three chickens that aren’t laying eggs. Who wants them?