What is Saving Your Life now?

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Modern Mrs Darcy reminded me this morning of a great question that Barbara Brown Taylor was given to answer in a speech she was giving.  Brown writes about this experience in her eye-opening and soul-soothing novel, Leaving Church.  I agree that it is one question that is good for us to return to often.  Especially in these winter months (I seem to not be able to write about winter without using the word, “bleak”).

Here is what is Saving my Life Right now:

  • Shared Hygge, with friends who get it (you know who you are!).
  • The gym.  I believe in the power of endorphines. I love the happy feels they bring, and I don’t think I could enjoy Hygge without working out often.
  • My cat.  Seriously.  She’s the best snuggly  lap-cat. And she’s hilarious, and still gets drunk from catnip. And she makes the entire family laugh. If you follow me on Instagram, search for #LittleMissPoe
  • Next Christmas.  For the past five Christmases, I’ve put up some mild decorations and spent most of our time inside the theater, producing A Christmas Carol.  It’s been a fun, yet lately, stressful experience.  Next year, there will be more Christmas decorations, a new production for A Christmas Carol, and more opportunities to share the season with friends. Also, I can’t help but scroll through Pinterest for tons of ideas for crafting, baking, and traditions.
  • Theater.  For all the pain and struggles it brings, it also keep the creative juices flowing. I’m grateful most days, to own a theater company – something that we have creative control over.  But it also brings with it some major stresses that we never knew were out there.
  • The Instant Pot.  Seriously, the best invention since the Crock Pot, but 100 times better. and faster.  and more flavorful.
  • Reading.  I always spend more time reading this time of year, and during the summer poolside months. I have read some great books over the past few years.  Sometimes I blog about them, but mostly I keep them listed and organized in my Goodreads account.
  • Podcasts.  I love listening to podcasts when I’m driving in the car, getting meals ready, cleaning, or mowing the grass. My favorites are about books and reading: Books on the Nightstand (sadly is no longer in production, but still some great back broadcasts), What Should I Read Next?, and The Read Aloud Revival are my go-to’s, but I also love Lore and Stuff you Missed in History Class.  The boys and I listen to Brains On! Science and Tumble Science podcasts on light school days.  I’d love to hear your favorites!
  • Fabrics and Fibers.  I’ve been crocheting, cross stitching, and sewing lately.  I love working with fabrics and fibers and see the fun things that come from them.  Of course, I’m only doing Christmas stuff right now (I have a LOT to get done before November!), but I have been doing this for a decade (sewing) or two (cross stitch and crochet/knitting).
  • My best friend.  And I happen to be married to him.  I won’t get all sappy, but it’s such a gift to be married to someone you love, cherish, respect, and love, love, love being with!
  • Our three boys. Parenting.  Oh my is it hard.  Those sweet, adorable babies turn into kids with opinions and independent souls.  And that’s the hardest part, I think.  But each one of our boys is a cherished gift and I am blessed that they get to be ours. And I love that they still snuggle.