what we’re loving right now

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Thai Curry Chicken Meatballs  These are our favorite!  I make this twice a month and it lasts for leftover lunches, served over perfect jasmine rice (in the Instant Pot!). I usually use a full pound of lean ground chicken or turkey and full-fat coconut milk for a well-rounded, real food meal.  It perfectly satisfies that Thai food craving I get (pretty much on a daily basis!).

Search Party (TBS)  This is the television show that for some crazy reason nobody seems to be talking about.  It’s brilliant.  20-minute episodes that you will want to watch all at once.  So, so good. (starring “Maeby Funke”!)

Podcasts  Our latest favorite is Missing Richard Simmons. I totally think he’s being held hostage in his own home under some witchcraft spell.  Or something.

Khan Academy  Their motto says it all: “You can learn anything.  For free. For everyone. Forever.”  We love it for the boys’ comprehensive math lessons…but they keep adding great courses for all ages of learners.  I’m refreshing my grammar skills, and there is SAT test prep!! Seriously, it’s one of the best kept secrets.

Nutribullet   new kitchen gadget!  You’ve heard me talk (ad nauseum!) about my favorite Instant Pot (which is still amazing, and I can’t wait to tell you about the creamiest yogurt I’ve ever made!).  And now I have another favorite gadget.  Kenny and the boys surprised me with this for my birthday. One symptom of celiac disease that I have to keep my eye on is my iron levels.  I was really anemic before my celiac diagnosis and since being gluten-free, my levels have slowly climbed back up.  But since it could take years for my gut to heal, I have to keep an eye on my nutrient-absorption.  One way I know I’m getting iron is to eat two huge handfuls of spinach each morning. I’ve been using our Vitamix practically every morning for my green smoothie (or my PB/avocado/banana smoothie), and for one serving, it’s big and clunky.  This Nutribullet does it all in one cannister and fast!  I can’t wait to try more and different smoothies in it!