May Titles

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It was not a month of reading on the deck.  May was colder (by far!) than April.  So I found cozy spots in the house to continue my reading.

My Goodreads reading challenge is to read 40 books this year.  I’m already at 33 books read (in the middle of #34!).  I challenged myself to read 50 books last year and end up a few books over that.  I lowered my reading challenge this year because I wanted to read longer, harder reads.  I have only read one of those longer reads (last month’s A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara).  So maybe I’ll try for a longer read this coming month.


Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  This book ruined the rest of the books for this month.  It was so well written, so intriguing, and I learned so much from it.  I love a fiction novel that teaches me something without knocking me over the head with the message.  I want to read more of her books.  She’s a great storyteller. 4/5 stars

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.  I hated this book.  Unfortunately, I read it just after reading one of the best-written books I’ve read in a long time.  BUt this “thrilling” book felt trite.  And bor-ing.  And I didn’t even care about the “twist” when it happened.  2/5 stars.

California by Edan Lepucki.  This was a book that wasn’t recommended or on any booklists.  I never heard of it until I pulled it off the shelf at the library.  I was actually searching for Lepucki’s latest novel, “Woman No. 17,” which wasn’t at the library, but this one looked interesting.  It was interesting, and such a good dystopian tale.  4/5 stars.

Anything Is Possible by Elizabeth Strout.  I like Strout’s writing well enough. But I get tired of her writing as well.  It’s like reading “mystery cozies” instead of the meatier mystery novels.  She’s comfortable, and comforting.  And then you need to take a break.  There is nothing wrong with this book of short stories, but nothing remarkable either.  3/5 stars.

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid.  I really wanted to love this book.  Instead, I just liked it.  It was a little different than I was expecting…I thought it would contain more magical realism.  But really, the second half of the book had more of that than the first half.  I liked it enough to recommend it. The story is lovely, the love story is realistic. 3/5 stars.