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it has been the longest and the shortest summer.

it was the shortest because we were super busy with two shows (the boys’ kid show at the local community theatre and our shakespeare in the park which was stretched over three weekends through the end of august), and soccer starting in JULY (after ending in june). and august was COLD (highs in the lows 70s, down into the 50s at night) so we barely used the pool and ended up closing it before september!

it was the longest because hello hot weather in september! it’s been in the mid to upper 80s for a few weeks (and the stretch will last into next week!) and our pool is closed.  because of the cold august. and our central air is still out.  tomorrow is the first day of autumn but it still feels like summer, so this is a summer recap post!

there are so many things i want to cover…like the books i read and the realization that i’m slowly starting to like autumn better than summer.  (WHAT???)

I am on Goodreads (and you should be, too!) and you can see all the books (and some I even give ratings and short reviews for) I’ve read in my “Read” list which you can find here. Some of the summer’s best reads were:
Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
The Wonder Garden by Lauren Acampora
The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close
Beartown by Fredrik Backman

I haven’t read a decent one these past few weeks, so I’m eager for a few new titles coming out this fall.  And for soccer season to wind down…

I love and I hate fall soccer season.  I mostly love it. Two of the three boys play on two teams, and one plays on just one team.  Kenny plays on an over-40 club, so our weekends are full.  I was hoping to get to some home improvement projects on the weekends after our play closed this summer, but we can’t fit anything into Saturdays and Sundays because we have two, sometimes three games a day.

I love fall soccer because I love watching the boys do what they love to do…

I hate fall soccer because it’s a huge time and gas guzzler!

I love fall soccer because I love being busy with things the boys love. And the air turns crisp and smells of campfire and dried leaves.

I hate sports in general because of injuries. Our kids aren’t big…they are spitfires though, so their speed is pegged by the opponent teams quickly and they’re knocked down, pushed, tripped, and kicked.  I understand fouling and pushing is normal in soccer.  But I don’t want them not to play because they’re always getting hurt!

I do mostly love fall soccer because it’s really fun cheering your kid on while they are doing something they love, and watching the siblings cheer for their brothers or dad.

We started late this year because I had no energy after our play closed.  We had been doing some light school days with reading, instruments, math, etc….  But we finally started the first full week of September.  It’s nice to have that freedom of starting when you feel like it instead of cramming your family into a schedule that’s not fit for them.

We are entering middle school and exiting middle school this year – next year is our first year of high school.  I’m already researching lesson plans and keeping transcripts.  It’s going to be fun.  As the boys get more mature, they’re beginning to take control of their work, but one thing I’ve found I need to do is stop reminding them of their schedules.  And do their own laundry. And make their lunches.

Okay, that’s three things.  But this school year, (I started over the summer), I’ve taught them to do their own laundry, make their own breakfast and lunch (with a few exceptions), and I’m beginning to let my eldest tell me of his lessons and practices that we need to schedule for (instead of me getting him ready to leave).

Life skills are just as important as book skills.  Maybe even moreso?

I have a stupid injury that’s causing me much grief.  It’s small and petty but big enough to keep me from daily activity.  Or at least the activity that I enjoy.  Back in June, the pain of plantar fasciitis that I’d been feeling twinges of since I began walking every morning, became permanent.  Well, it feels permanent.  And while I know this is a very common injury, and very mild compared to other things that can happen to active adults, it’s a pain in the butt.  I’m down to once (sometimes twice!) a week now in walking, and although the pain between walks is minimal, it hurts a LOT to walk 3.5 miles on the days that I do.
I put it out on my instagram account and got a slew of great comments and suggestions (I’ve tried them ALL!) – I am comforted that I am not alone in this struggle, but I’m also freaked out about how long it can last, and how it can reoccur!  I’m coming up on four months with it and I’m DONE.  But even typing this out make me realize that I just need to change things up again.  Find a new way to work up some endorphins to get me through the winter!  HELP?