being a guest on a fantastic podcast…

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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Anne Bogel, who runs the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog and hosts the What Should I Read Next podcast.

I’ve been listening to the podcast for at least the entire time it’s been airing (every Tuesday, for the past two years), and I love it because it replaced the gap of another beloved podcast of mine (Books on the Nightstand) which has been off the air for a while now.

I’ve always been a reader, but not like recently when I’ve discovered how great our library system is, and how great the contemporary fiction is that’s being released these days.  I couldn’t read the new releases fast enough, and I discovered some older (published in the past decade) gems that are among my top favorites now.  I decided that signing up as a guest on this podcast would be really fun, so I signed up at her web site to do just that.  Within a week, I heard from her producer to set up an interview time, and a week later, our session was recorded.

What Anne does on the podcast is something she calls “literary match-making.” She talks to you a bit to find out a little about your life then asks you your three favorite books (I broke the rules and listed four!), and one book that you hate (again, I gave her an entire genre of books I’m not crazy about, but settled on one newish release that I really did “hate”). She then takes that information and offers up several titles for you to read next.

If you think my TBR (to-be-read) pile was non-existent, you’re wrong. My goodreads account “to-read” is up to 604 books, but Anne is really good at finding books that you might not have heard of before, and matches them to your taste.

I can’t wait to share the books we talked about with you…the podcast is up this Tuesday (2/20/18, episode 120), so you can listen there (or wherever you listen to podcasts). I’ll have another blog post about the books that I read that she recommended after the podcast airs (don’t want to spoil the episode for you!). Check back here after you’ve listened and tell me what you think!