Smithically Speaking: A Podcast (Episode 1)

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In addition to the podcast that I’m a guest on this week, it coincides with the launch of a new project of mine, that I’ve been working on for months…I’ve been planning, writing, rewriting, and learning that the technical side of podcasting is more tricky than I expected. But, we’re nearing the launch of a new project of mine.

“Smithically Speaking” is going to cover a broad range of topics.  It begins, for the first several episodes, as a podcast following my family as we begin to tackle homeschooling high school.  You don’t have to be a homeschooler to listen.  If you’re passionate or interested in any types of alternative education (cyber schools, charter schools, etc) or even if you are a staunch supporter of the public school system and private schools, I invite you to listen and perhaps even participate in future podcasts.

Future episodes will move through different topics and will feature stories of friends and people who are experts in the fields that we’re talking about.  I hope to follow a certain topic for a few episodes, and revisit old guests and topics for updates.  Do you or do you know somebody who has a story to tell? Get in touch!

I’m excited about the creative side of the podcast: All the music from the podcast was composed and recorded by my  husband, Kenny and our son, Sawyer. Sawyer is really interested in editing software, writing and recording music, and animation.  So I’m letting him take over that aspect of the podcast.

Future subjects will include Health, Hygge, theater, writing, farming, and wine-tasting. Do you have a story or experience you’d like to share with a podcast audience?  Contact me!  Any questions or comments related to the podcast, please direct to my email address with the subject line “Smithically Speaking” to my gmail address: elizabethsmithical

Listen to the intro episode here. Follow me on Instagram (“smithical”) or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.