forty five

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Today, I turn 45 years old.

Even though it feels like I’ve been in “midlife” for a few years now, I think 45 is a perfect “midway” year of living. If I live until 90, with good health and happiness, I will have had a good, good life.

I woke up this morning, already having celebrated my birthday over the weekend with dinner out with my husband and parents, and my husband gifting me a Kindle Paperwhite because my books and reading obsession is cramping our living room style (truly…piles of books is not the look either of us is going for in our living room).

~~ My favorite birthday cake is always white on white.  I love white (almond flavored, preferably) cake with white icing.  The best is this one. Except you would go one step farther and make it gluten free because I couldn’t eat it otherwise.  My husband has made it for me a few times in the past and it’s delicious.  Truly, the best cake in the world. I do make a gluten free white cake with white icing without the burnt almonds as well…but it’s not as good.  The custard and the toasted almonds make the cake!

~~ This weekend, I’m selling some wares at the local high school fundraiser for their baseball team.  My friend Laura and I are sharing a booth for a few hours.  Check out her Etsy Page to see her gorgeous crocheted items.  I’m selling hand-sewn items from vintage and modern fabrics.  I have Christmas Stockings, makeup bags, handbags, trivets and coasters and baby blankets for sale.  I also have an Etsy Page you can check out…(an owl charm I added to a makeup bag that I sewed…and one of the handbags I made with vintage fabric)

~~ I have been watching a program since the new year, recommended at an online group that I’m part of, and it has wrecked television for me.  Offspring is an Australian show that follows one woman who is an Obstetrician and her family and friends (who ultimately become family in one way or another) for seven seasons.  I’m still in season 6, but I do not want to finish it.  It’s dysfunctional, loving, quirky, heartbreaking, laugh-outloud good television, and I can’t recommend it to my girlfriends strongly enough.  Guys might enjoy it, but if I were to describe the series as a novel, it would definitely be chick-lit.

~~ Doing a podcast series about entering the high school years as a homeschool family has made me really think about the specifics of what we’ll be doing to study in each of the boys’ high school years.  It’s been fun hashing it out on the airwaves and coming to terms that I can’t just wing it.  I’m excited to get to future podcast episodes because I have some exciting subjects with so many other people to explore.

~~ Spring soccer is beginning in a few short weeks.  It can’t come soon enough for me – I can’t wait to watch the boys’ games again, and welcome the warm season.  We had a late-coming cold season (it didn’t truly get cold until the first of November!), so this winter season hasn’t really been that long – but it’s been fierce.  Lots of snow and really cold days.

~~ The Kindle Paperwhite that I mentioned above, might just have the power to change the way I read books.  I like having the Kindle to drop into my purse instead of carrying around a book or two.  I love reading contemporary fiction as it’s released, but that’s not possible unless I purchase the Kindle versions of books at full Kindle price.  I think I might just make a dent into my “to be read” list this year and read borrowed library ebooks on my Paperwhite and get to the new releases a year or two after they’ve been released.  This might drive me crazy, but it might also make me a more deliberate reader.

The snow this morning will not bring me down.  It will be summer soon enough….