Friday Favorites

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This week, I’ve done more reading about body and mind health and education. They’re on my radar right now, so of course these three articles caught my interest! Two articles from the New York Times, one from the New York Post…

  • Heidi and I have been discussing a whole lot of things regarding healthy habits for mind and body on the Health, Hygge, and Happiness podcast series. This is a great read about a scientific study on how exercising in mid-life (ahem…that’s us, my age-peers!) can fend off dementia later in life! Now if this quote doesn’t put me back in Heidi’s Bootcamp class ASAP, nothing will:

The average age at dementia was 11 years older in the high-fitness group than in the medium fitness group. Compared with medium fitness, high fitness decreased the risk of dementia by 88 percent.

  • I have three boys. ¬†I could have written this article about each of them, even though they’re all different! ¬†Growing bodies and brains need to fidget, need to move, need to stay active.
  • Utah makes it legal to parent our children the way we were parented (it’s now called “free-range” but back in the 80s, we called it “riding our bikes around the neighborhood until dark.”).