my, how things have changed

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i’ve lost my blogging voice.  and while that’s not a bad thing, it’s a lonely, boring place to be. i can’t pinpoint when i lost it – definitely a few years ago when facebook and instagram took over my daily accounting.  and then i think fear took over. fear of saying the wrong thing; of unintentionally hurting someone because of something i wrote.  and now…after not blogging for forever, i want to write again.  but what do i write? when i started blogging, we had babies.  only two of them…but…read more

knitting for the boys

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with all the knitting i’ve been doing for kenny and myself, it would seem i’ve left out the three boys! i have not forgotton our offspring in my latest “making” adventures, i promise you. in fact, here they are sporting their brand new, made-with-love from mama sweaters! sawyer’s covering all his bases, “it’s cool,” and “peace out!” they have yet to wear them out anywhere. in fact, for some reason, they all put them in the garage the minute after i snapped these photos. good thing i’m so in tune…read more


living through a “pin” vicariously

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Join others in blogging about the PINS you’ve tried from Pinterest at Living with Three Hobbits and a Giant… I bring you a pin today that I haven’t tried. However, my friend Courtney has done it in her home, and I was witness to the lovely interior transformation yesterday. Since becoming a member of Pinterest back in October? November?…I have been absolutely fascinated with pallet interior design. “Pallets?” you ask.  “What on earth could you do with old, dirty wooden 3×3 trays that sit outside most business loading docks that…read more


A pinning party!

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Recently, I opened a “Pins I’ve tried” board at Pinterest. I usually add comments on whether or not the pin worked. I’ve tried several of the activities/recipes/ideas that I’ve “pinned” so far, but this week’s blog post reflects those that I have done in relation to our homeschool lessons. Pin SUCCESS! This was GREAT fun experiement: faux lava lamp.  The boys and I took it to a friends’ house and we were able to do it with the boys in her house as well. My favorite part was hearing the…read more


wrist warmers/fingerless gloves

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kenny has been playing the piano a lot lately, much to the enjoyment of his family! he’s been playing every single week in church while the other pianists take a break for various reasons;  he’s been playing the piano in our home in the evenings — The Messiah during christmas, and some very complicated too-many-notes* classical pieces from his vast collection of sheet music; and just recently, he’s taken on playing the piano score for a local theatre’s spring musical in which Rowan and Sawyer are participating. when he’s done…read more



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kenny ordered two “packages” of bees a few weeks ago. it’s time to get out the old hives, clean them up a bit (we actually have to clean them up a lot, with an acid solution, to kill any mites that could still be in the wood. these are deadly to the health of a hive) and get the area of our yard set up for their arrival in late april. i celebrated by picking up my needles and casting on to knit a “honey cowl“.  i’m using bamboo yarn…read more


the daisy and violet scarf

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daisy, our blue-faced leicester (white) and violet, our romney sheep (brown) have been shorn twice. last spring, my mom had their fleeces sent to a local fiber artist to clean and spin. after waiting 8 months, we finally received the spun wool! mom gave me a skein of each, so i decided to make a scarf for kenny, who does the majority of the farm work around here, and who also doesn’t mind wearing wool. the sheep are always relieved once their heavy winter coats are gone, and they are…read more


our owl family

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i got crafty yesterday. i had to make a few prototypes of corn husk dolls for our homeschool co-op class next week, and adam wanted to paint. i remembered that i saw a great craft earlier that morning on a crafting blog, so i got him the brushes, the crayola paint (my favorite) and the toilet paper tubes we’ve been saving up. i showed him the picture and once the older two saw their younger brother painting, they all got in on the fun. my cornhusk dolls aren’t anywhere near…read more


dragons and cheeseballs

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rowan requested a dragon theme for his birthday bash this year. i was thisclose to not making this cake, but kenny encouraged me by telling me he’d help me make it. thank goodness because he’s very encouraging in the “you can do this!” department while i recoil at any cake decorating opportunities. but he was right, and the cake was much easier to assemble than i originally thought. i used Pioneer Woman’s That’s the Best Frosting I’ve Ever Had recipe and the directions for assembling the cake from Family Fun…read more


homemade books

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one day, sawyer decided to write a book. he gathered up some construction paper, a pencil and our stapler. adam and rowan like what they saw him doing, so they did the same with construction paper and staples. each book was called “In the Woods” and the main character, a little boy, goes into the woods and encounters either a monster, a one-eyed alien, or a snow monster. they were darling, but the staples got in the way of the story. it covered up their creative little pictures because stapling…read more