CSA basket #2: eating local for dinner

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For the first time in our 7 years here, we decided to forego the big summer garden. We knew that with putting up a show this summer (more on that in a future post) we wouldn’t have the time or the energy to get get our 20×40 foot garden in this year. So I chose to join my mom in a local CSA. We only got a half share (one every-other-week pick up) and this photo shows our 2nd basket (photo taken by my mom). Last night, we ate almost…read more


garden 2012

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we planted our garden this week just in time for today’s long rainy day. tomatoes: large, roma, and cherry (grape tomatoes were nowhere to be found – we’re still hunting for the plants) pole green beans pole lima beans sweet red peppers a few hot pepper plants cantaloupe butternut squash acorn squash pie pumpkins sugar pumpkins cilantro basil kale and the ever-present row of zinnias you can see the bee boxes in the background. i hope they love the flowers on our garden plants this year! i know it doesn’t…read more


honeybees, take 2

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our two packages of honeybees arrive at the post office this morning. at 6:35 a.m. the post office called to tell us they were in. i had been up for an hour already, and suspected we’d be hearing from them this morning. the boys finally woke up around 8:15, and by 9:00 we were in the car, on our way to pick them up. when we arrive at the post office, the postal worker warned me that one of the packages looked a little “bad.”  this meant that there was…read more


a country drive

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what a great weekend to have no plans!  we’ve been running constantly since christmas break with every single weekend being full of plans. this weekend has been open on the calendar and i’ve been fiercely protecting it so that it wouldn’t fill up with plans. last night, as we were all falling asleep kenny and i noted how nice it was going to be to have TWO FULL DAYS of no plans. so this morning, we all slept in (yep, until 7:15!!!) and made pancakes and (turkey) bacon and eggs….read more



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kenny ordered two “packages” of bees a few weeks ago. it’s time to get out the old hives, clean them up a bit (we actually have to clean them up a lot, with an acid solution, to kill any mites that could still be in the wood. these are deadly to the health of a hive) and get the area of our yard set up for their arrival in late april. i celebrated by picking up my needles and casting on to knit a “honey cowl“.  i’m using bamboo yarn…read more


the daisy and violet scarf

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daisy, our blue-faced leicester (white) and violet, our romney sheep (brown) have been shorn twice. last spring, my mom had their fleeces sent to a local fiber artist to clean and spin. after waiting 8 months, we finally received the spun wool! mom gave me a skein of each, so i decided to make a scarf for kenny, who does the majority of the farm work around here, and who also doesn’t mind wearing wool. the sheep are always relieved once their heavy winter coats are gone, and they are…read more


gratitude ~ may 9, 2011

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a vegetable garden overtaken with weeds… a neighbor who lends you their kubota and rear tiller deserves a batch of PW’s cinnamon rolls, don’t you think?


farm update

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the lambs are growing so fast…as they always do. i am finding it harder to catch and lift them like it was so easy to do those first few days. in a few short weeks (even less!), i will no longer be able to lift them up and feel their soft little noses. they will be teenagers, bounding about the pasture without a care in the world. it’s so fun having more than one lamb in the pasture this year (we only had one last year) as we constantly find…read more


homesteading year 4, part 1: expectations

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for the first year living up here, we did nothing except try to plant a garden (didn’t happen) and had a baby (adam!). that was a lot for us, so we took it easy the fall and winter of our first year. but plans started picking up the following spring and we dove head-first into homesteading our little plot of land out here in the rolling hills of western pennsylvania! that next spring, we ordered and DROVE to ohio to pick up our 15 egg-laying chicks. they were still wet…read more


the farmer’s almanac

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i’m fascinated by the farmer’s almanac. i think i first noticed it because of its pretty cover art several years back, while standing in line at the grocery store. i might have even bought it every now and then. i think i just might subscribe again. i read the following description of our February back at the beginning of January at February 2010: 12th-15th. Very stormy. Blizzard New England, 1 to 2 feet snow possible. Snow also to Mid-Atlantic Coast, with 6″-12″. 16th-19th. Fair. 20th-23rd. Snowstorm sweeps in from…read more