last momma in the woods

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Disclaimer:  I do not pretend to know everything about raising a family and educating at home.  I will never say that our way is better than your way.  I will only ever write about what is working for us, hoping it will inspire just one person out there who is reading.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never be within doors when you can rightly be without. ~Charlotte Mason We played in our woods last night. They’ve been there since we moved here nine years ago (and long before that!), and occasionally the boys go into them….read more

Easter is better than Christmas

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Facebook and Twitter were “all a twitter” with Easter pictures this weekend: adorable kids dressed to the nines, family photos of matching and unmatching outfits, and baskets filled with confections, colored eggs, and stuffed animals. I tweeted an adorable picture of my too-cool-for-skool boys, but the remainder of the pictures I took throughout Easter Sunday were of food. I loved each picture that was shared – I looked closely at what they were wearing, what each hostess was serving on their dinner tables, what desserts were eaten, and what easter…read more


the meal table

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i have noted before that it is nothing short of magic what happens when friends – new and old – family, and even strangers are gathered around a table of food and drink. some would like to blame it on the alcohol, but i credit the euphoria on the flavors of food and drink that humans share together around a table. some of my favorite recent memories are hosting meals around our farm table in our dining room. even before i redecorated the room (now a cool colonial blue), our…read more


from the director’s chair…

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it’s been a wild and crazy past few months for our family, but why would we want anything less than that? we’ve been living and breathing theater since september when kenny started working on another production, and moreso when we announced auditions for our production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol through a newly formed theater group we started, hobnob theatre co. production week at the theater was so intense, so tiring, so exhilarating, i wanted to post my thoughts and photos of it all before i forget. we loaded…read more


election day, 2012

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before we experience election day, 2012, can we ALL remember a few things? we are all from dust, and we will return to dust no matter what happens in our lifetime. according to the westminster catechism, the chief end (the “main point”) of humans is to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”  it’s not about glorifying our preferred candidate, it is about glorifying Him. i hope we can all keep this in mind before we “spike the football” or demean the other side. i know it feels like a big…read more


communion and worship

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i understand why the roman catholic faith makes a person’s first communion a big deal. usually, it is a child, around the age of 6 or 7. for a parent, it’s a wonderful thing to see your child recognize and understand the meaning behind the elements of the eucharist. and i am down with worship services that surround this milestone in a person’s life.  i grew up in the orthodox presbyterian tradition, where you are older when you make your confession of faith and take communion for the first time….read more


i don’t know

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as the boys grow older, their questions are changing. no longer do i have to explain how the sun comes up each morning, or how a flower grows, but now i find myself up against a constant flow of questions, most likely from sawyer, from the strange: “what happens if  someone wears a wool sweater and walks across a  desert?” to the where-does-he-come-up-with-these-ideas: “what happens if lava touches electricity?” instead of succinct answers that hinted at the truth and that used to satisfy him, i am now finding myself not even able…read more


why “giving up” for Lent is vital. for me.

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“We cannot come to the light unless we are willing to enter into the darkness.” Observing Lent has been a part of my life for the past 15 years. It was not a part of my childhood, so when, as an adult, I began observing it, it was as though I had been converted to a new way of celebrating Easter Sunday. Growing up in a non-liturgical church, you get surprised by Easter Sunday especially if it falls smack dab in the middle of a sermon series, instead of at…read more


being communion.

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i just read Lauren F Winner’s latest book, Still, bought for me by my mom. it’s about getting through a mid-faith crisis, or how one finds oneself in the middle of their faith (far away from the excitement of conversion, far from the end of life). longtime smithical readers may remember that i was on a team at my old church that organized a weekend writers and womens retreat that Lauren led. here is the blog post about that (i was pregnant with adam in this picture!) i’ve been a…read more


Candlemas and Groundhogs

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I’m once again linking back to an old post regarding a holiday. Or a feast day, as we like to call them. This one is from last year. ~~~ It is just before 7:00 a.m. as I type this, and the sky to the east (to my right) is just beginning to lighten. This is the earliest I’ve seen light at this hour in a long time. So no matter what the groundhog says, I am content to know that spring is right around the corner! I found Rembrandt’s work…read more