Friday Favorites

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This week, I’ve done more reading about body and mind health and education. They’re on my radar right now, so of course these three articles caught my interest! Two articles from the New York Times, one from the New York Post… Heidi and I have been discussing a whole lot of things regarding healthy habits for mind and body on the Health, Hygge, and Happiness podcast series. This is a great read about a scientific study on how exercising in mid-life (ahem…that’s us, my age-peers!) can fend off dementia later…read more

Friday Favorites (Smithical Snippet 4)

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Welcome to Friday Favorites…things that caught my eye and made me want to share with everyone! If you’re here from the Smithical Snippet – here is the infographic I was telling you about. The Basics of the Blue Zones in One Awesome Photo. I read this book in bits and pieces over the past week and just devoured the ending this morning as I tried to wake up after being on a family trip this week in D.C.  It’s not a new release, but a signed copy for sale (for…read more

a day in the (still) life

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I am not a visual artist. I can’t sketch or draw, my water colors blend into a big blob of brown….but oh how i love watching the boys, unhindered, paint whatever is in their heart. so i choose to join them this year.  instead of setting them up with paints and then leaving the room to start on lunch or dinner, i’m sitting down and getting my paint on, too. i may not share my masterpieces with you…but sharing them with the boys is enough joy. what are you digging…read more

8-year-old Adam! (one and a half months late!)

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This post has been in my drafts folder since June 10th, his actual birthday.  We had a big celebration – with friends, minecraft party, and presents. He introduced us to the world of the Leopard Gecko. We now have two, and we will soon have three (all three boys wanted one for their birthdays this year!). Happy Birthday, Adam Henry!

Easter is better than Christmas

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Facebook and Twitter were “all a twitter” with Easter pictures this weekend: adorable kids dressed to the nines, family photos of matching and unmatching outfits, and baskets filled with confections, colored eggs, and stuffed animals. I tweeted an adorable picture of my too-cool-for-skool boys, but the remainder of the pictures I took throughout Easter Sunday were of food. I loved each picture that was shared – I looked closely at what they were wearing, what each hostess was serving on their dinner tables, what desserts were eaten, and what easter…read more



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tonight at soccer practice…(four words that do not, on their own, invoke joy in my heart)…i experienced joy that i haven’t felt since holding my newborn babies. when rowan was born, kenny and i couldn’t take our eyes off of him. he looked just like kenny – every hospital visitor told us so. we would sit and stare, watch his breathing in and out, comment on every sound he would make and surmise at every whimper: gas? hunger? wet diaper? i remember feeding him in the quiet of our nursery…read more


happiest ninth birthday, sawyer cole!

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sawyer’s birth was the shortest of the three boys. he was born much in the same ways that he tackles his days today: quickly, fiercely, and with purpose. kenny, one-year old rowan, and i were dining at an indian restaurant with friends when i was having contractions that were 10 minutes apart. i was ready to have this baby (only 3 days away from my due date), so i ordered Mateer Paneer extra spicy. within 9 hours, sawyer was born! sawyer, you take on each day with gusto. you are…read more


the “i hate camping” guide to camping. comfortably.

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i think i need to write this book. i’m not the world’s easiest camper. and i never jump at the opportunity to “go camping.”  so when kenny said to me two weeks ago, “how about instead of a few days at ocean city, we go camping on labor day weekend instead!” i wasn’t exactly excited. but then we registered at the campground where our friends were going to be. and then we told the boys (their excitement WAY outdid my excitement!), and then kenny brought home fun camping things like…read more


double digits, rowan tucker smith!

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our rowan, our firstborn, turns 10 tonight at 9:43pm. that means we’ve been parenting for 10 years (plus 9 months). that means he’ll probably be driving in 6 years. that means he’ll be a legal adult in 8 years. rowan loves soccer, swimming and minecraft. he loves to read when he finds a series that he likes: his latest series that he inhaled were the Araminta Spookie books, and of course our family read-alouds, Harry Potter. he’s not a fan of Shakespeare (“he’s boring and writes terrible stories!”), but loves…read more


adam henry turns SEVEN!

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seven years ago, we had just moved into this house with more room than we would ever need (how could we possibly be bursting at the seams in this house now?) and seven acres of grass that needed to be cut. what were we thinking? especially with two boys ages two and one and me, nine months pregnant. i married up. i married a man with extreme intelligence and talent. he was able to see past our here-and-now. we both saw potential in this home (me as a future bed-and-breakfast,…read more