meals: back to basics

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for the month of december, our family’s life was saturated in all things related to our production of A Christmas Carol. between rehearsals most nights during the week, production meetings, errands for costume pieces and props, or evenings spent painting the set,  we were constantly on-the-go, and (to my dismay!) rarely together around the dinner table. this was a “first” for our family: many nights were spent eating restaurant food, fast food, and quick grocery store food that can be eaten in the car. plus…it was christmas and my house was…read more


game night and chocolate-peanut butter

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i’ve already blogged about our fabulous day in the city last saturday, but i haven’t yet told you about the fun evening we had the night before. the marquiss clan invited us over for dinner and game night friday night. we then spent the night since they’re only a few minutes from downtown where we could breakfast-and-museum on saturday. after a fantastic grilled steak and veggie with salad dinner they served, we spent the evening watching a play that our kids performed, passed out cookies for their dessert and then…read more


10 things I love about Britain

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a writer on a blog that i read (a working sheep farm!) made this same list in honor of elizabeth II’s 60th, and since i have a laundry list of things i love about ol’ blighty, i thought i’d join in the fun. 10 things i love about britain oxford. the magical spires, the bells ringing on sunday mornings, the cobblestone streets. the shaldonian, magdelen college deer park, st. cross road and the covered market. temple cowley school (where i attended 3rd form), st. aldate’s church, Brown’s restaurant, and blackwell’s bookshop. london….read more


a lamb before the slaughter…

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a year ago, two lambs were born to our two suffolk ewes. two female lambs, and we made a promise to the boys that females would be kept for more breeding. a month ago, kenny and i started talking about butchering one of them any way. if we continue to keep the female sheep born to the meat sheep (suffolks are bred for their meat), we will have more animals than we can handle. then we’ll just become “that stinky farm that has more poop than animals,” we’ll end up…read more


raspberry oatmeal ~ my breakfast of choice

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you don’t need to whisk an eggwhite for my best recipe. all you need is milk, preferably whole milk, but if you drink pretend skim milk you can probably use it, but i wouldn’t recommend it because the consistencey will definitely change. 2/3 cup whole milk 1/3 cup water 1/2 cup whole (rolled) oats (not quick) 1 tsp. sugar, or 1 T maple syrup or honey (or a packet of stevia if you’ve given up sugar for Lent) a heap of frozen raspberries Mix the milk, water and oats together in…read more


thirty one days/ day 9 ~ recipe share (on our day of rest)

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sorry about the late posting of yesterday’s “rest” post. it was meant to go up yesterday, to prepare your heart and mind for today’s day of rest! it is just about peak leaf season in our part of the world. the trees are bursting with their autumn colors, and the sun is making them shine even brighter. for today, i hope you are able to really enjoy the season. to help your taste buds enjoy, here is a new pumpkin bread recipe that i love (i have two, one is…read more


Seven Quick Takes

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Join Jennifer at Conversion Diary every Friday for 7 Quick Takes! I admit, this is only 6 quick takes. This serves more of a “catch-up” post as I’ve lots to talk about, but never the OOMPH to sit and post. Tonight, my husband is partying with some bachelors (um…all married men, except this weekend’s groom), so I have time to sit and type while the boys play. And eat pizza and drink rootbeer: their own little bachelor party! Kenny and I are training for a 5K in August. I’ve always…read more


meals in our home…

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friday night is always pizza night here. i make two separate doughs – one with half whole wheat flour and one with all whole wheat flour. the boys gobble up their specially-made pizza (rowan’s section has no cheese on it, the other two boys eat just about anything on theirs), and kenny and i share the gourmet, olive-oil, herb, whole wheat crust, tomato and specialty cheese pizza with a good strong red wine, and green leafy salad. i love pizza nights. we haven’t had a real pizza night in a…read more


more thoughts on crockpot cooking

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i just finished putting together a chicken and rice meal in the crockpot (using NO cream-of-soup from a can), and i have to run some errands this morning. when i was putting the meal together, and it was too late to change my dinner plans, i suddenly realized that there will be a time this morning that i will not be in the house as my crockpot is PLUGGED IN and COOKING away. PANIC! so i sent an email to my mom (who lives across the street from me): “mom,…read more


Lenten Cooking

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i swear i haven’t given up blogging for lent! i’ve been busy reading and studying and reading some more, that when i sit down to put my thoughts on paper, i’m at a loss for words. i once learned that the more you read, the better your writing becomes. well, i’ve proven that wrong! i’ve been reading blogs, books, and articles by the dozens these past few weeks, and my writing has become non-existent! i have many thoughts running through my head, and i’m so glad for the time i…read more