4 november 2007: the bridge

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kenny has been very busy over the past few months preparing for something that began last night, and that we hope continues and grows on into the future. with the help of friends and other church members, we started a saturday evening service for church members and anyone outside the church who wants to check it out to worship. the service is based on “an order of worship for the evening” so communion is not included. however, the service concludes with a free meal for everyone, so communion happens, just…read more


time to move on.

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the end of summer seems so…heavy. take a look around you. the green leaves are weighing branches down. the gardens have candy-apple red (or ripe-tomato red) fruit hanging on plants shared with dead, yellowed (once green) tomato leaves. the weeds have overpowered every effort of weeding. shrubs, grasses, and plants look tired of their summer life…as kenny likes to say, they look “rode hard and put away wet.” they’ve had a good life in the hot sun. it’s time to rest for the colder months and re-awaken with vigor come…read more


happy mother’s day!

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happy mother’s day to my mom, grammy, and all my fellow mommy readers and bloggers. i was blessed to share homemade crepes (ala kenny) with my boys this morning. and i was gifted with THE NEW MARTIN SEXTON CD!  ahhh…black coffee, lovely crepes, and martin playing all day long!! the perfect day! and here are my reasons for truly celebrating today… 


…just don’t call us late for dinner!

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i don’t know what you’d call my friend audrey and i.  we’re two peas in a pod? anomalies? coincidences? twilight zone characters? separated at birth? we have these odd similarities that just kept popping up over the years as we got to know each other. and we’re not talking about “i liked ralph macchio in high school…OMG so did I!” or “my prom dress was yellow…OMG so was mine!” here are just some of our odd similarities: 1. my full name is elizabeth anne. she was meant to be named…read more