CSA basket #2: eating local for dinner

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For the first time in our 7 years here, we decided to forego the big summer garden. We knew that with putting up a show this summer (more on that in a future post) we wouldn’t have the time or the energy to get get our 20×40 foot garden in this year. So I chose to join my mom in a local CSA. We only got a half share (one every-other-week pick up) and this photo shows our 2nd basket (photo taken by my mom). Last night, we ate almost…read more



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it’s been so long since last i blogged that i actually forgot my login password. january was my last post, and it’s been the longest time between posts, ever. i’m always thinking of blog posts, always churning ideas around in my head, but never sitting down to write. this was a particularly long and tiring winter. this spring has been unusually wet and cold. memorial day weekend marked the beginning of the longest stretch of warm weather, and it started out with a cold frost. i guess i could fill…read more


homesteading year 4, part 1: expectations

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for the first year living up here, we did nothing except try to plant a garden (didn’t happen) and had a baby (adam!). that was a lot for us, so we took it easy the fall and winter of our first year. but plans started picking up the following spring and we dove head-first into homesteading our little plot of land out here in the rolling hills of western pennsylvania! that next spring, we ordered and DROVE to ohio to pick up our 15 egg-laying chicks. they were still wet…read more


one local summer, week 2

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i missed week one because i couldn’t pull together a meal with strawberries and asparagus – the only two things in season right now! week two will be published at farm to philly. stay tuned for more delicious meal ideas! so i did more searching and purchasing this week. i splurged and went with local meat sold at a local family farm. i’m also leaning on their strawberries this week as we’ll probably be picking and freezing some from another local u-pick farm later in the week for our fall…read more


sunday evening update

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we’ve had several days in the 90s. i’m LOVING it. the first really hot day was thursday, and i basked in the warmth. by the second day (friday), i finally let kenny put the air conditioning on (i think it was the kids yelling over the monitor when i put them down for bed on thursday saying, “mommy, i’m sweaty!” a thousand times that did it for me). we broke out a new wading pool (a frog!), kenny bought a new slip and slide, and by last night, the slip…read more


one local summer 2008

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we’re thisclose to getting the plans for our summer garden in. we’ve extended it by several feet this year and we’re still planning which plants and seeds go where. it’s also that time of year to sign up for a very cool summer challenge – one local summer. so all you foodies and gardeners out there…go sign yourselves up and start planning! i’m already thinking of the local farm stands i’ll visit and the recipes we’ll be making with our own garden produce. we recently cheated and bought strawberries at…read more


for the love of fabric, shape-note singing, and those beautiful UV rays.

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we’ve been spending the majority of our days on the outside of the house lately. it feels great to not need a coat, and to roam the yard again without heavy boots and deep snow keeping us from walking easily. maybe it’s because this yard has so much more foliage and life beneath the ground than our old yard did…but this year again, i’m surprised (by joy, of course) at the new buds forming on the otherwise dead-looking tree branches, and the bright green shoots sticking up out of the…read more


summer eating goodness or “build a fence, already!”

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our garden continues to be munched on by a particular small, grey rodent of sorts…some things are surviving, but i’m afraid that our pole beans will not produce beans this year. the lima bean plants look really good, however, as do the green pepper, celery, and one lone cucumber plant. and our tomatoes? they’re going crazy. i’m afriad all the green globes that are forming will turn red on the same day and i’m going to have to can and make salsa within a 24-hour time slot. yikes! at least…read more


the latest buzzzzzzz

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kenny should really be the one writing this post, but he gave up blogging for Lent a while back and just never got back into it (actually, it was around the time sawyer was born, 2004, when he gave up on blogging). he’s the mastermind behind our next big project, which kicked off officially today: beekeeping.  we spent the morning making sweet and sour meatballs to take with us to the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association’s Summer Picnic/Potluck. we were expecting there to be perhaps 10-15 folks there sharing our meatballs,…read more



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i want to wish all the dads in my life a very happy father’s day. we had a fantastic day except for the…devastation. here is another picture from the series of photos i took in the garden JUST LAST NIGHT (by the way, that’s mud on adam’s rear in the previous post…not chicken poop. there seemed to have been a bit of confusion amongst some of my readers – ha!). this is a photo of the row of lettuce and broccoli (the broccoli is toward the back…all you can see…read more