forty five

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Today, I turn 45 years old. Even though it feels like I’ve been in “midlife” for a few years now, I think 45 is a perfect “midway” year of living. If I live until 90, with good health and happiness, I will have had a good, good life. I woke up this morning, already having celebrated my birthday over the weekend with dinner out with my husband and parents, and my husband gifting me a Kindle Paperwhite because my books and reading obsession is cramping our living room style (truly…piles…read more


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i’ve been blogging for 11 years.  i started this blog when i was a few weeks away from having our second baby (sawyer). he turns 11 this september 11th. when kenny was designing this blog (i still rememeber the custom-design he made, with green and pink the blog colors i chose), he came up with a few choices for the domain name, which would also be the name of the blog.  he preferred “” which was the name our niece Sadie called me.  since i was hoping it would be…read more

election day, 2012

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before we experience election day, 2012, can we ALL remember a few things? we are all from dust, and we will return to dust no matter what happens in our lifetime. according to the westminster catechism, the chief end (the “main point”) of humans is to “glorify God and enjoy Him forever.”  it’s not about glorifying our preferred candidate, it is about glorifying Him. i hope we can all keep this in mind before we “spike the football” or demean the other side. i know it feels like a big…read more


a season…

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i find myself in a season with this blog….i haven’t written more than a few posts over the past few months! oh, i remember the days when i’d write a post a day for weeks on end. and it’s not that i’m short on material as i have daily blog posts i could be writing that my boys provide to me in forms of phrases, games they make up, picture they draw, inventions they think up.. i am, however, short on energy to dedicate here. when i started this blog,…read more


Two Part Invention

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just after college, i read a book that gutted me, and continues to haunt me today the book was Two Part Invention by Madeleine L’Engle. it’s a beautiful telling of two people madly in love who married and raised a family all the while living life to the absolute fullest. at the end of the book, L’Engle’s husband, Hugh, dies of cancer, and i remember feeling just heartbroken for her as she described the death of her husband being like an amputation. i re-read the book a month before kenny…read more



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you know how some dreams stick with you for hours after waking, and it feels as though they were so very real? last night, i dreamt that kenny and i were tight friends with the steelers head coach mike tomlin and his wife. we were so close, in fact, that we had their teenage daughter babysit for us while we attended the first steeler home game on their invitation. this morning, i feel like calling them up and telling them we had a great time at the game, and their…read more


every family needs a wimp.

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i am a big wimp. yesterday, i tripped coming out our front step and skinned my knee in two places as well as bending my left big toe in such a way that makes it hard for me to put any weight on it at all. kenny was on his way home from work at the time and it was all i could do from crying in front of rowan and sawyer when it happened (they were happily swiming on their swings when they heard their mama yell, “OWWWW!”). so…read more


one of those articles that makes me wonder just where this world is headed….

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i find this news article amusing but mostly offensive. i can’t believe this was even an issue in political circles! do people want it to be illegal to breastfeed a child on a park bench, a mall bench, or even…a restaurant? get over it people. if you’re uncomfortable with it, it’s your problem, not the breastfeeding mother/child’s problem. you can leave…don’t ban them to the restroom.


the stuff of boys

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we seem to have been swallowed up in this deck project. it’s a huge project and kenny is a one-man worker. he had help the first day for two hours setting up the thingy-ma-jig that holds the deck to the house. (i know the actual word, but it’s 8:29, i’ve been up since 5:00 this morning, and it’s escaping me at the moment.) i actually helped him one day by laying the decking and putting in all the screws.* i have to finish that up eventually and will once the…read more


good grocery manners

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what do you do when you take your empty grocery cart back to the cart station in the grocery store parking lot and find an empty cart there with three full, (still cold!) gallons of 2% milk? do you leave it there hoping that the person who left it will come back soon and find it? (like i was going to do) do you walk into the customer service desk and tell them that someone left it hoping that the original purchaser will come to the desk and get it…read more