Smithically Speaking: Episode 5 ~ Resources for Alternative Ways to Learn in Ninth Grade

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Today’s episode is brought to you by Audible.  Support this podcast by signing up for a free 30-day trial. Click on the Audible image to the left to get your free download now. ~~~~ Today we conclude our series on preparing for high school where I share more fears and slight anxieties. But mostly I’m excited to see the interests that will take over the mind of our oldest as he enters high school. Mentioned in today’s podcast Parrot Rescue in Pittsburgh (hands-on, volunteering in something Rowan loves) MOOCs (Massive Open Online…read more

Smithical Snippet 1: My homeschool hack

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Every Friday, I’m back on the airwaves for a brief snippet of information to share with you based on the current series of the podcast. Listen in on my favorite homeschool hack. This week, I share my favorite homeschool hack that has really helped me each year of homeschooling for the past nine years:  My Pinterest Boards ~~~ We wrap up our series on Homeschooling High School next week!  Listen in on Monday to what we plan to focusing on for 9th grade.  We’ll also announce our new series, going…read more

forty five

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Today, I turn 45 years old. Even though it feels like I’ve been in “midlife” for a few years now, I think 45 is a perfect “midway” year of living. If I live until 90, with good health and happiness, I will have had a good, good life. I woke up this morning, already having celebrated my birthday over the weekend with dinner out with my husband and parents, and my husband gifting me a Kindle Paperwhite because my books and reading obsession is cramping our living room style (truly…piles…read more

Smithically Speaking: Episode 4 ~ Homeschooling High school Part 3

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Episode 4 of Smithically Speaking continues with the series about preparing to homeschool for the high school years.  I know I’m not the first to do this, but it’s the first time we’re hitting this milestone.  But I’m not the only homeschool parent who has doubts and fears along with being confident in our homeschool lives. In today’s episode we hear from other parents what their fears and confidences are. After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople Socks Rocks (my 13-year-old son who is also my producer)…read more

Smithically Speaking: Episode 3 ~ Homeschooling High School Part 2

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Welcome to Episode 3 of Smithically Speaking, a podcast of stories about everyday people, where you can walk around in someone else’s shoes for a while. We continue our current series following my family as we dive into the high school years outside the four walls of a traditional school.  Today, I get to introduce you to my son, Rowan and we learn a little about what his interests are, and we begin to talk about how his skills and interests can guide our plans for his high school years….read more

Smithically Speaking Episode 2: Homeschooling High School, Part 1

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Welcome to the second episode of Smithically Speaking.  A podcast full of stories from every day people. We begin with my family as we start the road to homeschooling high school.  Our three sons are all in middle school and one is headed into high school next year.  He’s not shown a desire to go to school, and we are content to continue his education at home.  So, the research has begun.  Follow along for the first few episodes of the Smithically Speaking Podcast to see how we plan to…read more

Smithically Speaking: A Podcast (Episode 1)

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In addition to the podcast that I’m a guest on this week, it coincides with the launch of a new project of mine, that I’ve been working on for months…I’ve been planning, writing, rewriting, and learning that the technical side of podcasting is more tricky than I expected. But, we’re nearing the launch of a new project of mine. “Smithically Speaking” is going to cover a broad range of topics.  It begins, for the first several episodes, as a podcast following my family as we begin to tackle homeschooling high…read more

…and the living is easy

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it has been the longest and the shortest summer. it was the shortest because we were super busy with two shows (the boys’ kid show at the local community theatre and our shakespeare in the park which was stretched over three weekends through the end of august), and soccer starting in JULY (after ending in june). and august was COLD (highs in the lows 70s, down into the 50s at night) so we barely used the pool and ended up closing it before september! it was the longest because hello…read more

a day in the (still) life

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I am not a visual artist. I can’t sketch or draw, my water colors blend into a big blob of brown….but oh how i love watching the boys, unhindered, paint whatever is in their heart. so i choose to join them this year.  instead of setting them up with paints and then leaving the room to start on lunch or dinner, i’m sitting down and getting my paint on, too. i may not share my masterpieces with you…but sharing them with the boys is enough joy. what are you digging…read more

last momma in the woods

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Disclaimer:  I do not pretend to know everything about raising a family and educating at home.  I will never say that our way is better than your way.  I will only ever write about what is working for us, hoping it will inspire just one person out there who is reading.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never be within doors when you can rightly be without. ~Charlotte Mason We played in our woods last night. They’ve been there since we moved here nine years ago (and long before that!), and occasionally the boys go into them….read more