my, how things have changed

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i’ve lost my blogging voice.  and while that’s not a bad thing, it’s a lonely, boring place to be. i can’t pinpoint when i lost it – definitely a few years ago when facebook and instagram took over my daily accounting.  and then i think fear took over. fear of saying the wrong thing; of unintentionally hurting someone because of something i wrote.  and now…after not blogging for forever, i want to write again.  but what do i write? when i started blogging, we had babies.  only two of them…but…read more

facebook as guilty conscience

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facebook used to be such a nice place to reconnect, converse, catch-up, and view pictures of your friends’  kids, vacations, weddings, and pets. i am still so glad to be a part of facebook and connected to so many of my friends and family in this way. however…there is a social networking trend that is rather bothersome to me.  how many of you have been shamed by facebook recently? have you felt bad that you hadn’t updated your status with the latest cancer statistic, color of your bra, or “i…read more